Franziska’s story

Franziska joined Hyphen in 2004 and was appointed as Associate in 2019.

She has played a key role in the growth and success of our Berlin office and has extensive experience in luxury retail – delivering projects for some of Hyphen’s most influential clients, in locations all around the world.

We interviewed Franziska to find out more…



Qualified as Dipl.-Ing. Architect (Technical University of Berlin)


Joined Hyphen in Berlin. Delivered first boutique store for a famous retail brand.


First international project for a luxury retail brand in Istanbul, followed by a long series of projects in locations from South Africa, to the Middle East, to Norway.


Became a journalist and editor for architectural magazine, Competition.


Project manager and main contact for a luxury retail client, delivering various boutiques across Europe.


Appointed Team Leader.


Appointed Associate.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hyphen?

Our culture – being part of an international and multicultural team, who work together as One Hyphen.  This is strengthened by an encouraging and supportive atmosphere in our office.

I really enjoy being involved in the organisation of our team and having the opportunity to mentor, share knowledge and help people to achieve their goals. This, in turn, helps me with my own learning.


How has Hyphen supported you in your personal and professional development?

Taking the lead on projects has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and learn what works (and doesn’t work) from one project, to the next. I’ve also had the opportunity to work all around the world and this has provided me will invaluable experience, particularly in managing international retail projects. I’m looking forward to further supporting the growth and success of our Berlin office in my new role as Associate.


What’s next?

Since joining Hyphen (17 years ago), I’ve taken a couple of breaks – to become a mother (twice) and to pursue some other personal goals. This has been very important for me in maintaining a good work-life balance.

The future brings with it new challenges and opportunities and I admire the way in which we, as a company, evolve and adapt to these changes – especially within the retail sector, where architecture is taking on a very different form and function.