Hyphen architectural technologist awarded for excellence

We are absolutely delighted that Hyphen architectural technologist Josephine McGoldrick has been announced as the winner of the Student AT Award for Excellence in Architectural Technology | Report 2021.

In a ceremony in London hosted by the CIAT, Josephine won in a competitive category for a report highlighting the potential use of architectural technology to improve learning spaces and communication for students with autism spectrum disorder.

AT Awards judges said, “Josephine’s report on developing a technological workflow to enable communication to those with autism spectrum disorder is a wonderful piece that demonstrates the potential use of technology to not only help the client, but also specific end users at all stages of the design process; and afterwards as buildings, spaces and functions adapt over time.

“The report is superbly written and researched with clear aims and objectives set from the outset. The literature is well introduced and covers the subject area coherently with an appropriate narrative. Using an excellent and clear methodological approach the diagrams used explain the desk-based analysis.

“This work is a brilliant example of excellence in Architectural Technology and an exemplar for the Student Award Report category.”

Josephine said, “I don’t think there are enough words to describe what it means to me. It all still feels like a dream! This award means the world to me, and it validates for me that when you have passion and drive combined with hard work, anything is possible. My report demonstrates the use of technology as an important role in the future for the industry, and it is an honour to see it recognised.

“The event was truly such an amazing experience. I got to meet so many like-minded, enthusiastic and incredible people, from all parts of the UK. I am so lucky to be a part of such an incredible institute and industry with people who are as eager as I am to take the industry to another level. Plus, know how to throw an incredible show and party!

“This opportunity validated for me that I have the ability to contribute to this industry. Knowing that my report has received this recognition, advances my desire to see where I can take it and what using technology can do. The future is bright, and I cannot wait to experience what is on the road ahead for me.”

Hyphen CEO, Eddie Miles, said, “This is a significant achievement. We could not be prouder of Josie.

“Josie’s work is innovative and demonstrates excellence in architectural technology, while also showing a commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. These are traits we value highly in our international team at Hyphen and it is wonderful to see Josie demonstrate these so effectively.

“We look forward to celebrating future success stories, as Josie continues to thrive and grow with our Ireland office and wider international team.”



Photo: CIAT