Hyphen Around the World: meet Ronald Lammerts van Bueren, Winchester

As part of our Hyphen Around the World series, we’ll be catching up with various members of our team to find out more about their international experience. We’ll also be asking them for some tips – whether it’s about permitting advice, or a must-try local delicacy!

#HyphenAroundTheWorld – Part 9
We interviewed Ronald Lammerts van Bueren, BIM manager at Hyphen. Typically based in our Winchester office, Ronald has delivered projects for clients across the world.

1. What is a typical day like in your role?
Having put together a strategy of how Building Information Modelling can help our design, production workflows and collaborate using the Autodesk Revit software, I am working towards improving our Revit BIM resources, sharing knowledge, assessing training requirements, providing support and making these accessible to all, through our online resources.

2. What’s the most interesting place that you’ve ever visited for work?
At the start of my career, I worked on public infrastructure projects around some of Auckland, New Zealand’s favourite seaside suburbs. The beach views were stunning.

3. Top local permitting tip?
Collaborate with local architects in countries where you are unfamiliar with the local planning regulations.

4. Best tool for staying in touch with your team?
The fax, this allowed you time to find, research and check your responses. In today’s world people often expect a correct answer immediately.

5. What do you like most about working at Hyphen?
The people. It is brilliant working with a great bunch of people, who share, encourage and help each other.

6. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a site visit?
Many places between here and New Zealand but the one that stands out most is Valladolid, Spain where I worked on a winery.

7. Favourite local delicacy?
At home I make a great Indo-Dutch satay, as this forms part of my heritage.

8. What do you consider a must have carry-on essential?
My fitness watch which tells me what I need to do to keep fit as my children will try to encourage me with other non-essential delicacies.