Hyphen Around the World: meet Katia Souni, Marseille

As part of our Hyphen Around the World series, we’ll be catching up with various members of our team to find out more about their international experience.

We’ll also be asking them for some tips – whether it’s about permitting advice, or a must-try local delicacy!

#HyphenAroundTheWorld – Part 3

We interviewed Katia Souni, an architect at Hyphen. Typically based in Marseille, Katia has delivered projects for some of our most influential clients across a variety of sectors…

1. What is a typical day like in your role?

As an architect, I have multiple roles depending on the project phase: from feasibility to design and construction supervision.

2. What’s the most interesting place that you’ve ever visited for work?

The South of France.

3. Top local permitting tip?

In Paris, cooperate as soon as possible with the Architecte des Bâtiments de France (ABF), especially when restoring historical facades and roofs.

4. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a site visit?


5. Favourite local delicacy?

Snails with garlic herb butter.

6. If you could deliver a project anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Corsica because of its colourful landscape, poetic lights and local know-how.