DatacenterDynamics Madrid, 2018

May 2018

The majority of data generated in the next decade will travel via submarine cables. This is what makes the Iberian Peninsula, where cables will land in Bilbao and Valencia in Spain and Sines in Portugal, an interesting prospect as a rising data centre location.

The Marea, EllaLink and Orval submarine cables will all have landing points in Spain.

Marea will provide a new high-capacity alternative to existing Europe to New Jersey links. This 6600 km long transatlantic communications cable will connect Virginia Beach and Bilbao.

EllaLink, measuring 9400 km long, is expected to open up emerging markets with landing points in Brazil, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde before connecting to Spain and Portugal.

Orval, measuring 560 km long, will offer an alternative route into the north of Africa. This cable will connect Valencia in Spain, to Oran in Algeria.

Hyphen has been designing data centres since 1982 and our team in Madrid are looking forward to attending this year’s DatacenterDynamics (DCD), taking place on the 23rd May. This event will bring together more than 1,000 professionals – involved in the design, construction, administration and operation of data centres – to share in the latest news and insights surrounding the digital data sector.

If you are attending this event and would be interested in meeting our team, please contact us or you can connect on LinkedIn using the links below.

Carlos González


3 new cables to Iberia