Pablo's story

Pablo Herráiz joined Hyphen in 2013 and was appointed as an Associate in 2019.

He has played a key role in the growth and success of our Madrid office and has extensive experience delivering projects across many commercial sectors including retail, hospitality and offices.

We interviewed Pablo to find out more….




Qualified as an architect.


Earned a Master’s Degree in Bioclimatic Architecture and Environmental Studies (from the Polytechnic University of Madrid). Joined Hyphen and started working on multiple retail projects across Spain, as well as a flagship store for a famous retailer in Lisbon.


Worked as a job runner on several projects in Spain and Portugal, across a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality and offices.


Worked as a job runner for a famous retailer in Peru and Chile (Hyphen’s first project in Latin America), as well as being involved in other retail and hospitality projects across Spain and Portugal.


Appointed Team Leader.


Appointed Associate.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hyphen?

Over the last eight years, Hyphen has grown and evolved considerably – from delivering our first project in Peru, to the opening of our new offices in Santiago, Chile and Dublin. I’ve enjoyed all of these moments and to be part of Hyphen’s growth has been a real highlight of my professional career (and my life)!

What I enjoy most about Hyphen is working alongside more than 160 people, from a variety of international cultures and backgrounds. When working together on projects, the distance between our offices simply disappears.

How has Hyphen supported you in your personal and professional development?

Since joining Hyphen, I’ve had the opportunity to work across a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality and offices – not only in Spain, but in other countries such as Peru, Chile and Portugal. As well as developing my knowledge and skill base, this has also provided me with the opportunity to travel and build relationships with clients and project teams around the world.

Our directors, Eva Diego and Elisa Frost, and my colleagues in Madrid have been very supportive during my time here – mentoring me and providing me with the responsibility and confidence to lead important projects. I’m grateful to have learnt so much from them, as they have helped me in both my personal and professional development.

What’s next?

In an ever-changing world, we have to be ready for new challenges and who knows what kind of projects lie ahead (and where)! Keeping up with industry trends and mentoring junior employees are an important part of this and I’m looking forward to helping our team achieve new goals (being part of Hyphen’s continued success).