On 7th June 2019, Hyphen’s UK offices launched Flexi-Friday. For a trial period between June and December, we closed our Winchester and London offices at 3.00 pm each Friday. This is not a new idea at Hyphen as our Madrid colleagues already enjoy something similar in Spain. So why did we want to do this? Simply put, it was about encouraging a much healthier work-life balance; the chance to beat the rush on Friday afternoon and to enjoy a longer weekend with friends and family. As a business, we keep a close eye on project resources and our timesheets but we know that long hours spent in the office do not always equate to achieving more. As an employer, we hoped that one effect of Flexi-Friday would be that we all improve the management of our time, being just as productive, or even more so, than working the traditional pattern of hours.

Following positive feedback from both staff and clients, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be extending the trial indefinitely.