We’re still One Hyphen

On Friday, the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union. It has been a long and to some, a frustrating three and a half years since the referendum narrowly decided for Brexit. It has also been a process that I have followed closely. Firstly, due to Hyphen’s commercial interests but also my personal experience working in Europe and having spent five happy years living in Germany (while establishing our Berlin office) and now also closely involved with our businesses in France, Italy and Spain.

The directors at Hyphen have always had ambitions to further grow our business beyond the UK. Today we are seven offices, located in six countries and the majority of our turnover is now won outside the UK. This is only possible because of our continuing willingness to explore new opportunities and to consider that today’s market is a global one.

When Brexit comes to pass, there will undoubtedly be changes to the mechanisms by which we conduct business between the UK and the EU, but on Friday we should remind ourselves that whilst the legal framework is shifting, Hyphen’s culture is not. More than any other part of our business, our Winchester and London offices have been enriched by staff joining us from outside of the UK. We have been fortunate to have recruited brilliant colleagues, to have seen them prosper, sometimes earning further qualifications and settling in England.

At Hyphen, we’ll be maintaining an open culture – remaining open to business with Europe and beyond.