RICS European Retail Conference

February 2015

The first RICS European Retail Conference will take place in Madrid on the 16 February 2017

Househam Henderson Director Eva Diego, will take part as a speaker in the first RICS European Retail Conference in Madrid, Spain on the 16th of February. She will contribute to the “Bricks and clicks” panel, coordinated by Jon Blasby (Castiel), discussing new trends in the construction and operation of retail projects together with Guillermo Montís Mrics (Neinver), Patrick Murphy (Broadway Malyan) and Roberto Molinos (Modelical). Topics will include the increasing importance of the fit-out industry, the monitoring of performance and the use of BIM in retail projects.

(Programme: “Back to the future”, “Wish you were here”, “Better, faster, cheaper”, “Law and Order”, “To buy or not to buy” and “Bricks and clicks)