From transactional to transformational leadership


Next week is International Leadership Week and I have been thinking about how leadership in the workplace has evolved considerably in recent years. We are moving away from ‘transactional’ styles which rely on giving directions and applying discipline and reward, towards ‘transformational’ styles which recognise people’s strengths and energise people towards achieving a goal. Leaders are recognising that the art of leadership is therefore no longer to just plan and direct, it is to inspire and empower belief.

I believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute. Great teams are built from a diverse range of people demonstrating understanding with different skillsets and knowledge. The strongest and most effective teams have a range of different personalities, qualities, and skills. People working to their strengths. Effective leadership is about being part of that team as a supportive team member yourself, offering encouragement and celebrating everyone’s achievements.

International Leadership Week is a great way to recognise and raise the standards of leadership, as individuals and as organisations. At Hyphen, the emphasis for our leadership development programme this year is on discovering our strengths. We will be working with our senior management teams to discover what personal strengths they bring to their own leadership style, the value of recognising other people’s strengths and how they can influence and inspire their teams.

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