London: we celebrate 25 years in the UK capital

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We celebrated Hyphen London’s 25th anniversary in Southwark which was appropriate as we actually opened our embryonic office in the capital very close to the party venue in Blackfriars Road.

In 1997 our business (then known as Househam Henderson) was located in Winchester and Berlin only and we would never have imagined that we would grow to nine offices today. Back then, our Winchester office had already developed strong links in London, having completed retail projects for Armani and DKNY. We were also active in the media sector, working for London Weekend Television and Channel Five.

It therefore made sense to grow the business through a London office which rapidly found its feet in the workplace, hospitality and data centre sectors.

We were soon established in Borough High Street which was undergoing a resurgence through the opening of the Jubilee line and the re-invention of Borough Market. To a young business, the city seemed full of possibilities and it proved to be the case with a rich portfolio of projects soon won.

London was however more than just a commercial market place to exploit. We soon discovered London as a cross-road, a place to meet clients and collaborators, to see and experience new ideas in a dynamic and ever-changing city. Naturally London drew many from around the world eager to experience this and their contributions have enriched the London office’s culture. Many of these staff remain an important part of our business whilst those who moved on or moved home remain personal friends and friends of Hyphen.

Of course we celebrated the contribution of all those people at our recent party, but London is a city which is never static and so more importantly we celebrated the prospect of another exciting 25 years!

See our video highlights of the party below:

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