Lucy Dewick-Tew

Head of technical standards

Lucy joined the company in 2011, became an associate in 2019 and head of technical standards in 2024. She has managed projects for some of Hyphen’s most influential clients and recently helped deliver the biggest LUSH shop and spa in the world.

About Lucy

Most interesting place?
Grand Central Station, New York. I went there when I was 21 and would happily sit there for hours watching every kind of person pass by.

Favourite cheese?
I’m not a big cheese fan, but a good quality mozzarella on a pizza cannot be beaten.

What do you like most about your job / working at Hyphen?
I have worked at Hyphen for 11 years and watched the London office grow from 12 people to 40. My favourite part of my job is the relationships I have developed with many of those original 12 and the new ones that grow every day.

Who or what was the most important influence in your early career?
My parents, as they believed in the four year old who said she wanted to design buildings and gently reminded me of this when I veered off track.