BIM Policy Statement

This statement sets out the Building Information Modelling (BIM) policy of Hyphen. It covers the architectural services undertaken by The Hyphen Group Ltd from inception to completion of our projects. This statement will be reviewed on an annual basis and changes will be adopted across the company.

Hyphen recognises the potential for working to practices and principles for Building information Modelling (BIM) according to ISO 19650 1 and 2. As early adopters of 3D modelling software, we fully embrace the BIM principles of modelling collaboratively, working towards a single source of truth, establishing a workflow that promotes collaboration with all design team members, construction industry supply chain partners and contractors.

Adopting BIM is part of our commitment towards digital transformation, information management and the promotion of sustainability within our projects. Using a common data environment allows us to easily share models with everyone across the company and those we collaborate with. This enables us to work more efficiently and effectively, allows design coordination issues to be resolved early, and captures health and safety issues during all stages of the design and construction process.

Hyphen has and continues to invest in relevant BIM training and tools. Training in 3D modelling software, BIM procedures and day-to-day support is provided by our in-house BIM leads, who also organise workshops on sharing skills, Hyphen procedures and different BIM topics on a weekly basis. External training workshops are provided and organised when required. It is a prerequisite that all new technical production staff are proficient in 3D modelling software and BIM workflows. When recruiting we seek candidates with BIM/Revit knowledge and we use skills assessment software to benchmark potential candidates.

Hyphen uses a variety of 3D modelling tools for the creation of BIM models and processes including, but not limited to:

  • Autodesk Revit is our primary modelling tools for the creation and authoring of 3D Models
  • Autodesk BIM360 Docs and BIM Collaborate Pro for work-sharing and collaborating in the cloud
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage for clash detection workshops
  • Matterport Software and scanning tools for the creation of 3D Survey Models / Point clouds
  • Enscape and TwinMotion for real time rendering

Wherever possible, Hyphen will follow as best practice the principles outlined by this statement to ensure standardisation and best practice for working and collaborating using BIM . We also encourage other organisations with whom we collaborate to adopt standards which are industry best practice according to ISO 19650-1:2018 and 19650-2:2018.