Hyphen appoints five new directors


We are pleased to announce the promotions of Sarah Fox, Peter Agnew, Giacomo Spinelli, Matías Menichetti and Michael Mullen, who all begin 2023 in their new roles as directors at Hyphen.

Sarah Fox is also our COO and brings to the board both a deep knowledge of Hyphen as well as an understanding of professional governance and leadership, being a member of the International Compliance Association and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Notably, Sarah is the first director to be appointed from the business operations side of Hyphen which is now rightly represented on the board.

Peter Agnew has been at Hyphen for more than fifteen years and has contributed to the success of our UK business for many years, leading numerous inter-office projects in the data centre sector. The board also recognises the pivotal role he plays through his oversight of Hyphen’s information technology.

Giacomo Spinelli joined Hyphen in 2016 as head of our business in Italy. He oversaw the relocation of our Milan office in 2022, which became necessary due to the growth of our business in southern Europe. Giacomo brings to the board a strong inter-office work ethic and an excellent track record in the retail sector.

Since Matías Menichetti was appointed in late 2019 he has not only established Latin America as a cornerstone in our global business but has overseen the development of our Special Projects Team which supports other offices within the group. As we look to continue to grow Hyphen throughout Latin America, Matías will be a vital presence on the board.

Michael Mullen re-joined Hyphen to establish our Irish business in 2021, having worked previously in our London and Winchester offices. Before returning to Hyphen, Michael worked for a few years in industry and the board recognises that his corporate experience will be invaluable to Hyphen as we continue to grow.

Eddie Miles, CEO at Hyphen, says, “2022 was a significant year for us, with our team growing by a third, and it is important to recognise some of the people who have been most instrumental in helping us make this possible.  We want to ensure that our business structure reflects our increasing size whilst establishing a solid base on which to grow and develop further.

“We hope you will join us in congratulating Sarah, Peter, Giacomo, Matías and Michael, and wishing them every success in their new roles at Hyphen.”

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