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Katia Souni joined Hyphen as an architectural assistant in 2018 and became an architect a year later.

In 2023, Katia completed her project management training, obtaining the national HMONP (The authorisation to exercise project management in one’s own name), so we asked her to share a bit more about what the programme involved and the significance of obtaining this certification.

Congratulations on gaining your HMONP certification! First of all, what is this certification and what opportunities does it open for you?

Thank you! This is a one-year training course on project management and the responsibilities and skills involved. The aim is to approach the architectural project as an author.

Lasting one year, the training addresses different topics such as project economics, regulations, construction standards, as well as an architect’s personal responsibilities.

In addition, the accreditation offers you several opportunities to progress your career, helping you take the next steps towards becoming an associate or director.

What attracted you to your role at Hyphen?

I wanted to work at Hyphen for many reasons, but most of all it was:

  1. The combination of architectural and interior design projects
  2. High-end projects
  3. The human and international dimension of the practice.

What kind of projects have you worked on at Hyphen?

I have mainly worked in the retail, offices, hotels, and residential sectors.

What does becoming an HMONP certified architect mean to you?

This certification offers a broader and more complete vision of the profession. I was able to deepen my skills during this training, and I now have the freedom to practice my profession in several new ways.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hyphen?

I particularly appreciate the trust that exists between us in our Paris team. It allows you to quickly prove yourself and progress internally.

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