Milan Design Week 2023: discovering the latest innovations in design

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As Milan Design Week 2023 has drawn to a close, members of Hyphen’s Milan team have been reflecting on their personal impressions of the world’s most influential design showcase.

The team has considerable local expertise of the city and the Italian market, especially its architecture and design. So, what could be better than an opportunity to explore the latest design innovations at a major global design showcase near our local office.

Working in Milan, each member of our team has their own unique experiences of the city and how it changes during Design Week. So, we asked a few colleagues to share their impressions of the event and what it means to the city:

Laura Vatteroni, architect and associate, says: “I had never been there before this year. When I was a student, I couldn’t because it was too expensive. Later, it wasn’t possible because I lived in London, and when I finally started working in Milan, COVID came.

“Finally, this year, I was able to attend. I was enchanted by the atmosphere all over the city and had the chance to visit a couple of nice exhibitions. I hope to stay longer next year to fully enjoy the week.”

“As a ‘Milanese’ architect”, Sara Vergani says that “the Salone del Mobile is always an excellent opportunity to explore new trends and what the market offers. Connected to the Salone, and equally important, is all the events of the Fuorisalone, which allows you to meet emerging designers and explore new ideas. There are many wonderful buildings in Milan that are normally closed to the public but are opened for Milan Design Week to host events, exhibitions, and innovative designers. The Fuorisalone is a great way to explore them”.

Juliana Vivacqua, architect, says, “This year’s Design Week is finally back to spring, after COVID impacted the scheduling of previous events. This is the best time of year to visit Italy and my parents, from Brazil, also took this opportunity. It’s the best chance to visit some of the most beautiful historical buildings in Milan, enjoying the latest and most innovative designs. One building I visited was the Palazzo Broggi, an old Bank, which had an impressive exhibition. I also visited the Bar Basso, the place to be – a meeting point for designers, where they invented the famous ‘Negroni Sbagliato’ cocktail 55 years ago.

“Design Week really is the best week of the year in Milan: all the streets are crowded and full of art and you can really breathe that positive energy all around.”

Even if you are not an architect or a designer you can feel the power and the magnificence of this event. The whole city gets a completely different atmosphere, as people come from all over the world and the streets are full. Let me say that although I’m not that happy about the increased traffic, it’s an acceptable collateral effect for having all that beauty in the city at the same time.

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