Carole Netzer

Carole Netzer

Director, Paris

Carole joined the company in 2011 and became a director in 2019. She has managed projects for some of Hyphen’s most influential clients, including Tesla and Tumi. As well as her board-level responsibilities, Carole helps manage Hyphen’s Paris office.

“You can have every ability – if you don’t have the right attitude, you won’t succeed.”

About Carole

Most interesting place
Iceland because when you go there, you feel elsewhere – there is no other place like it in Europe.

Favourite cheese
Camembert, of course!

What do you like most about your job / working at Hyphen?
I enjoy being a part of Hyphen’s growth and sharing in the success of the company.

Who or what was the most important influence in your early career?
My father, for his strength and the capacity he’s always had to transform his dreams into a reality.