We’ve been collaborating with IWG since 2017 in more than 20 countries, providing creative working environments through flexible co-working office spaces, meeting rooms, business clubs and event spaces, for its Regus, Spaces, No18, Basepoint, HQ, Open Office and Signature brands.


There are many reasons why our collaboration with IWG has endured over more than 50 projects for its seven brands. We understand each other because of our experience together across multiple countries and our global knowledge of the workspace sector. It also means we understand what the client wants and their ways of working.

“We listen to the client’s needs, are interested in their challenges, and advise on how they can plan, develop and implement a successful project”, says Eva Diego, Hyphen director in Madrid. “And we care for design just as much as keeping projects on track and on budget.”

Brand guardians

The design vision of each IWG brand is different to reach a specific audience. Regardless of concept, they always strive to enhance the original features that come with each space, like good natural lighting, views, a spacious reception, comfortable seating, fully equipped private meeting spaces, and so on.

Eva says, “The brand guardian role has been very important to the head of concept design at IWG. We have developed a deep understanding of IWG’s brands and what needs to be communicated through architecture, to ensure high standards and quality shines through everything we do together.”

Working with a new brand can be challenging and when our Latin American team first began collaborating with IWG, it meant studying design manuals extensively to really understand the essence of the Spaces brand.

Our work on Spaces Revolucion 1877 in Mexico City was quite challenging, and we worked very hard with the design teams to achieve the best results. We were really pleased with what we achieved together. A key milestone for us was when the client shared the final photos on LinkedIn, which really showed the positive results and the strength of our relationship with IWG.

In France, we had an experience where a series of Spaces offices were rented out to a single client, which meant understanding both the Spaces brand and the brand of its client. This was a challenge because the two brands had very little in common. In the end, we were delighted with the results, which balanced both brands and highlighted these dual identities to great effect.

Key contacts:

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