Atlético Madrid

Hyphen has been working with the 2020-2021 La Liga champions since 2016, delivering a wide range of retail projects.

We have helped deliver the club’s flagship store in Gran Vía Street and a variety of projects in multiple locations, including shopping malls, high streets, bus kiosks and at the club’s famous Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

As well as creating pop-ups for retail stores within Wanda Metropolitano, we are proud to have worked as executive architects on the stadium’s museum. The museum is arguably the most important project that we’ve delivered for Atlético. Named Territorio Atleti, the museum is a space of more than 1,400 sqm that offers an immersive experience into the culture and history of the club. It embodies a ‘street’ style with industrial, iron and concrete finishes that are more relatable (and accessible) to fans than high-end gloss finishes that the club’s competitors tend to opt for. The amount of video and audio features in this project required extensive technical coordination but the most important consideration was making sure that the club’s colours shone through, as colour plays a very important role in their branding and marketing of elite football clubs, like Atlético.

Our most recent collaboration with the Spanish football giants involved the design of Atlético’s first outlet store in Getafe. Our work as executive architects included the design of the 100 sqm retail space, processing licenses and installing furniture and decorations.

Pablo Herráiz de la Fuente, architect and associate at Hyphen is proud of our work with the club, especially as an Atlético supporter. Pablo says, “Working with the club has been an experience like no other. I personally can’t wait to see what the future holds for Atlético de Madrid!”





Key contact:

  • Pablo Herráiz de la Fuente

    Pablo Herráiz de la Fuente