Hyphen helps deliver biggest LUSH shop ever

Today, we celebrate the opening of the biggest LUSH shop in the world, so big – you could fill it with more than nine million bath bombs!

Spread across 1,380 sqm, it is also home to Liverpool’s brand-new LUSH spa. As well as delivering LUSH’s new concept design, one our key roles on this project was to help restore this historic building to its former glory. Working alongside LUSH’s design team, we introduced columns clad in Portland stone to enhance the shopfront and we also designed a new balustrade for the 1920s style staircase. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the skirting boards to the door frames, and all materials sustainably sourced to enhance LUSH’s brand experience.

Having delivered over 40 LUSH projects worldwide, this has been our biggest challenge to-date. As well as being such a large, destination store in a historic building; we helped to create a fully immersive spa experience through architectural details such as device-free ceilings and full soundproofing in the treatment rooms.

Speaking about the project, architect at Hyphen, Lucy Dewick-Tew said: “The dedication and commitment of everyone involved has been incredible from start to finish. Together, we’ve delivered a brand experience like no other and this has been achieved on-time and to an exceptionally high standard. Thanks to our friends at LUSH, Portview, E+MTecnica, Milk Structures and Michael Grubb – it’s been a pleasure working with you on this exciting new concept.”

Lush Liverpool spa - biggest shop word 0- staircase
Lush Liverpool spa - biggest shop word 01