Data centres

As data centres get larger, closer to urban populations and environmental regulation increases, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find suitable sites and gain planning approval. We take a holistic approach, with an eye for design detail and an understanding of the engineering drivers, to help our clients navigate planning authorities, gain building permits and deliver data centres across Europe and Latin America.

Hyphen has been designing telecoms facilities and data centres since 1982, with over 100 projects undertaken around Europe. In the last three years, we’ve supported the delivery of more than 1.8 million sqft of data centre space and master planned more than 1,500 MW. Our clients include major co-locators, cloud-providers, edge providers and mission critical facilities consultants, who welcome our responsive and flexible approach.

Hyphen director discusses data centre trends at DCD Connect Madrid

Eva Diego García
June 14, 2023
Hyphen director, Eva Diego, enjoyed discussing architectural trends in data centre design at this year’s DCD Connect Madrid. As part of the DCD>Talks series, Eva highlighted a number of key industry trends affecting the global and local markets, including the increasing role of architects at the inception of data centre […]

Data centres: architects and the early stages

Matías Menichetti
May 25, 2022
We’re often asked at what stage the architect begins working on a data centre project. We spoke to Hyphen director, Matías Menichetti, to find out more… We find that clients come to us when they’re considering moving into a new region. We are seeing more and more requests now for […]

Data centres: why should architects work in this sector?

Matías Menichetti,
Victoria Ruiz Del Portal Urraca,
Bill Cross
March 23, 2022
Architects play an essential role in the development of data centres. Usually led by MEP engineers, with a strong emphasis on functionality, data centres are evolving, and architects will be needed more and more in this multidisciplinary sector. These structures are becoming an increasing part of our urban landscapes and […]