Since 2015, we’ve collaborated with PVH on nearly 600 Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger stores, in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

The experience

A real strength of our partnership with the PVH team is the similar outlook, as is the enjoyment we get from working together, and shared satisfaction when we see the completed stores. Aimee Hooper, senior associate at Hyphen, says, “We are like-minded people, always looking to improve and we enjoy collaborating together”.

We are like-minded people, always looking to improve and enjoy collaborating together.

“PVH is a great company to work with”, says Eva Diego, Hyphen director in Madrid. “They regularly organise team workshops to give us a broad insight into the company and share goals, progress, changes, and challenges. They seek regular feedback from us and equally provide us with feedback on our services.”

Working with colleagues from other countries is always a good chance to understand different ways of approaching challenges, and we really benefit from close collaboration between our teams in Madrid, Santiago, Winchester, and London.


We’ve helped PVH navigate the challenges of historic listed buildings, as well as new build shopping malls, airport boutiques and pop-up stores, from Kazakhstan to Cape Town.

Retail store design, execution and delivery often requires a fast turnaround. “PVH stores typically have a fast turnaround time, of six to eight months between our first concept design review and the store opening”, says Aimee. “In addition to the fast delivery required, retailers are managing changing industry demands and cost challenges, which is also why we regularly review processes to ensure our collaboration is as efficient as possible.”

Together we transform beautiful design concepts into a catalogue of technical architectural details, for a first-class brand experience, regardless of the location or building type.



Our work with PVH began in 2015, when our team in Madrid were asked to develop concept designs for Calvin Klein that could be implemented all over the world. Around that time, we were also appointed as local architect for Calvin Klein stores across Spain, before taking on this role in the UK a year later.

Due to the continued success of this collaboration and our track record with Calvin Klein, we had the opportunity in 2018 to provide local architectural services for PVH’s Tommy Hilfiger brand. Since then, our teams in Winchester and London have worked with both brands, in locations all over the UK.

The establishment of our MEP division in 2021 further strengthened our collaboration with PVH, as did our growth in Latin America. We set up a team of specialist architects to work in Europe in partnership with our teams in the UK and Spain. This has enabled us to provide a more holistic and rapid approach with the additional in-house services and extended network of architectural and engineering expertise.