As the logistics industry experiences a time of rapid transformation and growth, the demand for distribution centres has never been higher.

Because speed to market, precision detailing and high-quality results govern what we do, clients are looking to us to increase the efficiency of their European logistics portfolios.

Many of our projects are in development and as we respect our clients’ NDAs, we are restricted to what we can share online – speak to our team to find out how we can help you with your next logistics project.

Our experts:

  • Beatriz Morán Muñoz

    Beatriz Morán Muñoz

    Architect, associate

  • Doreen Homann

    Doreen Homann

    Architect, associate

  • Eva Diego

    Eva Diego


  • Felipe Barrera

    Felipe Barrera

    Architect, associate

  • Georgina Mullen

    Georgina Mullen

    Architect, senior associate

  • Giacomo Spinelli

    Giacomo Spinelli


  • Laura Vatteroni

    Laura Vatteroni

    Architect, associate

  • Leo Faoro

    Leo Faoro


  • Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan


  • Olaf Gröger

    Olaf Gröger


  • Pablo Herráiz de la Fuente

    Pablo Herráiz de la Fuente

    Architect, associate

  • Rémi Pascal

    Rémi Pascal

    Architect, senior associate

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