We’ve delivered over 60 LUSH projects worldwide since 2016, including many stores, spas and their offices.

Our biggest challenge to-date has been their flagship shop and spa in Liverpool.

As well as being such a large, retail destination in a historic building, we helped to create a fully immersive spa experience through architectural details such as device-free ceilings and full soundproofing in the treatment rooms.

Speaking about the Liverpool project, architect and associate at Hyphen, Lucy Dewick-Tew said: “The dedication and commitment of everyone involved has been incredible from start to finish. Together, we’ve delivered a brand experience like no other and this has been achieved on-time and to an exceptionally high standard.

“Thanks to our friends at LUSH, Portview, E+M Tecnica, Milk Structures and Michael Grubb – it’s been a pleasure working with you on this exciting new concept.”

Alan Cheyne, managing director of Hyphen in the UK and Ireland says, “We spent a lot of time with the LUSH team, often on the train to Liverpool or on site. As a result, when it came to the crucial phase, we were able to talk frankly about difficult topics and laugh at the same time. After all, construction is as much about relationships as it is about bricks and mortar.”

Photos: LUSH digital

Key contacts:

  • Lucy Dewick-Tew

    Lucy Dewick-Tew

    Head of technical standards

  • Wayne Taylor

    Wayne Taylor


  • Alan Cheyne

    Alan Cheyne

    Managing director, UK and Ireland

  • Sebastián Ravinet

    Sebastián Ravinet


  • Olaf Gröger

    Olaf Gröger


  • Giacomo Spinelli

    Giacomo Spinelli